Tips for styling your pearl jewelry in winter

Winter is a season of cozy sweaters, warm drinks, and festive celebrations. It's also the perfect time to showcase your personal style with the right accessories.

In this blog we'll focus on pearl jewelry, but first, let's answer that question you may have since you started reading. Is it safe to wear pearls in winter? They seems so fragile... 

The answer is YES ; you can definitely wear pearl jewelry in winter with the elegance which is your signature and without worried about the weather.

With pearl jewelry, you can add a touch of sparkle, elegance and glamour to your winter outfits.


Whether you're attending a holiday party or simply want to elevate your everyday look, here are some tips for styling your pearl jewelry in winter.


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Earrings: Friendly Studs and Dangling Delights.

women with a grey wool cap and a coat, laughing


For your everyday go-to earrings the stud earrings are perfect. Directly placed on your earlobe, they are scarf friendly.

Pendant earrings are a good option, as long as you avoid any sharp points, at the end of the earrings as it could easily get caught on your scarf or sweater, particularly with a turtleneck.

Your ears are probably one of the first parts of your body that people can see in winter. So you may decide to make your earrings the center of attention, with a bold style. 

In this case, trendy pendant earrings or large hoop earrings might be a good choice.

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Necklaces : Focus on length rather than layering

The cold season is the perfect time for long necklaces, "sautoir" style. They work well with a sweater or turtleneck dress.
Woman wearing a long necklace in a train


If you choose a shorter necklace, you can opt for large and big pieces. They will be less likely to get lost in the thickness of sweaters and other layers we put on in winter.

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Bracelets : Let's play with sizes and styles

As we wear longer sleeves, bracelets with large chain and big pearls are worth showing off in winter.


You can wear them over your sleeves for a city chic style.

You can also layer chain, gems and/or pearls bracelets as you pleased.  

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Rings : Anything but stacked or prong setting rings

One thing to keep in mind: with the cold weather your fingers tend to constrict. Make sure your rings fit properly as you are more likely to loose them, especially when you take off your gloves, if you are wearing them.

Engagement ring - bezel set

Avoid rings with stones set in claws, as they tend to get caught in woolens, scarves, and even the lining inside gloves. In addition to the risk of damaging your woolens, you may also risk losing the stones of your ring, the claws may be weakened following a snagging.

Choose wide, flat rings or rings with stones completely surrounded by metal, also known as bezel-setting rings.

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You can't help it, you like wearing large, big rings even in winter?

I have a tip for you. Turn the top of the ring towards the palm of your hand. This tip takes advantage of a technical detail of glove making.
The length of the gap between each finger of a glove is about 6 mm shorter in the front than in the back.

See all the explanations in the video below. 


Overall, since winter wardrobes are often displayed with dark colors, don't hesitate to play with colors while choosing your jewelry in winter, particularly if they include pearls or gems. 

I will talk longer about colored pearls in a coming blog.


Take care of yourselves until then.



Credit photo: Icsilviu (Pixabay), StockSnap (Pixabay), Nicolas Deloitte Media (Pixabay)






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