Jewelry gifts ideas


Jewelry makes a great gift because it's something that will be cherished forever.

You can make a big statement even with a minimalist piece of jewelry.

Here are some jewelry gift ideas to make this season memorable. 


Jewelry for the woman on-the-go

She is busy and active all the time.
Her schedule is tight and she often jumps from a meeting, an activity to another.
The jewelry she needs : easy to wear jewelry like short necklaces, minimalist bracelets she keeps tight on her wrist and she can stack, stud or (not to long) pendant earrings, cabochon or minimalist rings.

 Silver charm necklace, flower and pearl ($90)


Jewelry for the elegant with a fashionista heart

Staying on top of trends is her thing.
For her, fashion is a form of art. 
The jewelry she needs : newly release pieces of collections are for her! Don't hesitate to play with colors and noticeable shapes according to her tastes.  

 Long sterling silver earrings, one-pearl chain earrings ($75)
Free shape pendant, one-pearl silver chain necklace ($95)


For the woman who always want to be at her best

Elegance is a second nature to her. She always looks her best and is never short of fabulous things to wear.
The jewelry she needs : Earrings, necklace, bracelet, rings.. Whatever her preferences, make it stylish, elegant and you may add a pinch of boldness, and gold.

 14k Rose gold long drop earrings ($480) & flower pearl ring ($570)
Large silver flower ring, freshwater pearls ($210)


Whether you're looking for a timeless piece of jewelry or a ring that is perfect for everyday wear... Think about what type reflects best the personality and style of the person for whom the gift is intended.

Ultimately, a JazzDesigner Jewelry gift card could be a very nice option

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