Monthly birthstone : October

Lucky October's babies! They have two monthly birthstones!

Yes, two gemstones: Opal and Tourmaline. 

While these stones don't have much in common on their own they do share two things: they have a colorful backstory and are both beautiful.

The colorful world of Opal

Australia OpalOpals are made of silica gel, which is the result of water being trapped in cracks within the rock.

Opals gained their value from their shifting colors in rainbow hues. A phenomenon known as “play-of-color.”

Opal was associated with good luck by ancient Romans. But it wasn't until 1795 when opal became popular as jewelry thanks to King Louis XVI's wife Marie Antoinette, who loved wearing them at court.

Opal care

Opals are the most delicate gemstones and require special care.
The best and safest way to clean your jewels set with opal is with warm, soapy water. 
Also, Opal can be scratched by other stones diamonds, sapphires or emeralds, so I suggest you store them by itself in pouch or box.


The color palette of tourmaline

Pink tourmaline ring with orchid design

Tourmalines come from an aluminum-magnesium borosilicate mineral with trace

amounts of iron, chromium, manganese, copper or nickel. 

The range of colors for tourmaline is vast : from green, which could be as deep as emerald,  to Paraiba tourmaline and watermelon (several colors in one gemstone) tourmaline , there is a color for every mood.

In lithotherapy, tourmaline is well known for healing property, each colors having their own attribute.


Silver cuff set with green facetted tourmalines, orchid design

Tourmaline care

The hardness of tourmaline makes this stone suitable for everyday wear. 
Use warm, soapy water and a soft brush to clean your jewels set with tourmalines.

Both of these gemstones are great for jewelry because they show off the wearer's individuality.
And you know that JazzDesigner Jewelry mission is highlight that touch of confidence and elegance which is your signature, with designs created just for you.

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green tourmaline flower pendant worn by a woman 

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Take care of yourself.

(Last update : October 14, 2022) 

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