Welcome to the world of CARPO!

I am very excited about this one because it's a whole new approach of translating my inspiration in my jewelry designs.

This jewelry collection is all about cercle of life (unity), color, simplicity and elegance - not only in the design but also in how it makes you feel when you wear them :the warm colors of autumn!

The name itself comes from the Greek mythology. "CARPO" was the daughter of Zeus and Themis and one of the Horae (/ˈhɔːriː/), the goddesses of the seasons, nature in its different seasonal aspects.
She was personifying Autumn.

Button watch the videoWhen we think of taking care yourself or others through wearing these pieces, whatever their shape or size may be, that's exactly what they do for us as well!
My hopes are that they will bring out your inner beauty no matter who you are or where life takes you.

Come join me on this journey with CARPO!

Let's stay in touch!

Women together with sparkle sticks

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